Brazil, 2011, MPB / vanguarda paulista

Metá MetáMetá Metá: Wispy vocals accompanied by the light pulse of an upright bass open this debut album. The first half is cozy sweetness, perfect for a rainy day when you’re trapped inside and want to be trapped inside. Marçal’s unaffected vocals express such confident talent, transitioning from spoken word interludes to singing with such skill that you don’t even notice the change until after she’s effected it. Delicate, folky mischief on the strings, hinted at in the first half of the album and revisited in the latter half. The brass is sometimes blown with such delicacy that they almost sound like woodwinds, making only the slightest touches to the sonic canvas. The second half of the album is much jazzier, with more exploratory moments, too, hinting at what’s to come on future releases.

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