Ireland, 1973, Irish folk / Celtic folk

PlanxtyThe Well Below the Valley

Oh man. What to say? First of all, this is one of my favorite non-English language albums. jk it’s English, but barely, imo. For some reason my wife and daughter can sing along every single bleedin’ word to Planxty, and I can’t make heads or tails of what the fuck they’re saying. Love the music, but have to have the lyrics explained to me. So after many Irish stouts, I get the explanation of this album as follows: incest, incest and murder, seduction. Wow. Ok. Not what I expected on my umpteenth listening of this album.

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  1. Planxty took a shortcut to my heart when they tackled the usually-shunned “The Well Below the Valley”, a murder-ballad to end all others, with a triple helping of incest included.

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