USA, 1987, hard rock

Guns n’ RosesAppetite for Destruction: Sex, drugs, and rock & roll. But that’s just where the story starts. I’ve heard this album probably a hundred times or more, but it wasn’t until recently, as I was listening with an ear to write something about the album, that I realized that this is a loose concept album. It’s about going to the big city (in this case L.A.) to make it big, with your head full of dreams, only to be smacked by the reality of drugs and the eternal chase after a high you can never again reach. It’s the later songs like “Paradise City” and “Sweet Child o’ Mine” that has the protagonist regretting his decisions and wanting to go back home, wherever that is, far from the big city that is, indeed, not paradise, not filled with pretty girls, and certainly lacking in green grass.

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