USA, 1974, jazz-rock

Zappa / MothersRoxy & Elsewhere: Caveat: this is the first Zappa album I’ve listened to since falling into a 10-hour Zappa interview collection hole, so my mind is really kind of in a Zappa zone right now. If I didn’t hear the audience or on-stage banter, I’d never think this is a live album. The playing is so tight throughout (Zappa is playing the players as they play their instruments), the music so full, layered, and interesting, but I can’t help but focus on the themes explored in the lyrics and imagery, with open digs at sex-obsession, drug use, religious adherence, and the meaninglessness of “higher” education. Nothing’s sacred, especially the audience, which is par for the course for the unrepentant Zappa. Hollywood & Hotdogs is all I really need right now.

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