USA, 1975, singer-songwriter / folk rock

Bob DylanBlood on the Tracks: When love affairs go wrong, they go spectacularly wrong, and when it’s an artist who has fucked up and/or gotten his heart broken, it’s the fans who reap the benefits. So what’s going on here in this at once disjointed and unified narrative? Well, it all started when he got nervous as she bent down to tie his shoes, and then he realized she was his twin…he swears he can change…people don’t know how to act around him…he’s only known careless love…he’s hoping that the cliché is true, that the darkest hour is right before the dawn…but he’s face down, just like the Jack of Hearts…he gets a chill whenever he thinks about how she left that night…he remembers how she gave him shelter from the storm…he’s seen people disappear like smoke. He’s saying goodbye to more than just her, and the regret stabs through almost every song.

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