USA, 2014, hypnagogic pop / psychedelic pop

Ariel PinkPom Pom: This album is pure genius wacky crazy fun. The best hypnagogic pop album yet. I’m not really one to watch music videos, but the videos for some of the songs on this album are worth watching. They give you a peek into Ariel Pink’s mind, and it’s quite an interesting ride. The videos definitely have a more artistic bent, but that’s what I’d expect from a quirky pop artist outside the mainstream. Anyway, this music is just so cool. I feel cooler just listening to it. I disagree with the criticism that Ariel Pink is style over substance. There’s a lot to unpack here if you just listen.

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  1. I’m generally not a fan of hypnagogic pop, or even of Pink’s other albums. But I like this one for its sheer bounciness.


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