Iceland, 2005, post-rock

Sigur RósTakk…: Every time I listen to this album, I love it more. This is a unique band for me, since I often sing along with them, having no idea what I’m singing. It’s all phonetic anyway, but the fact that they can anchor the vocals in my mind without providing any meaning allows me to consider the vocals to be just another instrument in their triumphant, uplifting soundscape. This beautiful album can evoke emotions from me like few other pieces of music can. I went over to my friend’s apartment one day, and he sat me down in front of his huge speakers, turned off the lights, and played for me a song. I didn’t know who it was by. He just wanted me to listen to it. So I did. Full disclosure: he had kick-ass speakers, so anything would’ve sounded impressive. Listening to this song was like entering a faerie land, and not the cartoonish Disney kind. I mean the proper faerie realm, one supremely pagan and one that is equal parts beautiful and dangerous. That song was “Sæglópur”, and it was the beginning of my love affair with Sigur Rós’ music.

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