(USA, 1973, jazz fusion / jazz-funk

Herbie HancockHead Hunters: I’ve listened to this album more times than I can remember. From 2018 on. It’s my boy’s favorite album, and whenever I ask him what he wants to listen to, he chooses this. At first he would say “that one with the orange face”, but now he asks for it by name. I’m not a jazz aficionado, and I don’t think I ever will be. The genre is just too big, and I know so little about it. I know what sounds good to me, and this is one of my favorites. Although I prefer straight jazz fusion, the funky elements on this album carry an infectious happiness I cannot deny. I guess my tastes run more toward the mainstream. I dunno. All I know is this album gets everyone moving, no matter how much melanin may or may not be in your epidermis.

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  1. I generally prefer my jazz to be fused (or imaginary…), and this album is a definite high point for me. But I never choose it or put it on because I’ve inevitably listened to it too recently, and when my jazz mood hits, I’ll go instead for Miles Davis.


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