USA, 1990, avant-garde jazz / modern creative

Anthony BraxtonSeven Compositions (Trio) 1989: Braxton is interested in “vibrational space” and the significance of certain sounds with certain events, as if sound itself can have a meaning apart from it being mere music, whether that meaning is decided upon by the listener/participants or whether there is a deeper, secret meaning independent of the listener. These three tracks, comprised of seven different compositions (mostly from Braxton but one from Oxley, too), run the gamut of Braxton’s collaborative exploration, from the free and wild to the subdued and nuanced. This music is a ladder, one to climb and descend. This music is a rubber band, to stretch and snap you back into place. Roidinger’s bass work, especially on track 3, is a wonder to hear! The fact that the trio plays different parts from different songs, layered on top of one another, is a demonstration not only of astounding skill but un-teachable creativity.

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