Brazil, 1979, avant-garde jazz

Hermeto PascoalZabumbê-bum-á: A lot of people talk about track A4, “Suíte paulistana”, and for good reason: it’s a wild, glorious mess of a track, with no herald of its coming on the preceding tracks. This guy is nuts. Nothing after A4 sounds like that, either. Pascoal’s approach to song structure is… loose, to put it mildly. He’ll have a groove just flowing along, and then—fuck it!—let’s throw in some bells and whistles and old women talking and the sound of children playing. Not over the groove, by the way. No, that stopped dead some time ago. Good stuff, if you like jarring experimentation in your music. Good stuff, if you like to just bop along to something easy listening. Yes, it’s both.

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