USA, 2022, contemporary folk / singer-songwriter

Anaïs MitchellAnaïs Mitchell: Sometimes you listen to an Anaïs Mitchell song and understand that this woman really understands what it means to love, wholly and without reserve, not afraid to say it, to own it. And like every great writer, she puts everything in the details, the coffee rings on the paper and the locks of children’s hair, the mother washing dishes in the dark with children on her mind and wine on her breath. Musically this album is a thrumming, shimmering blanket that envelops and relaxes the listener, hints of this sound heard on Young Man in America. Lyrics meet music to create sonic snapshots of memories Mitchell isn’t afraid to explore, to turn over in her hands and examine. I just cannot help but smile with her as I tag along, a silent observer of her journey back home as she ponders what it means to be growing older.

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