Armenia / Ukraine / Lebanon, 2011, modern classical

The Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble / Levon EskenianMusic of Georges I. Gurdjieff: Featuring the duduk (double reed woodwind made from apricot wood), the blul (a kind of Armenian shepherd’s flute), the kamancha (a Persian bowed string instrument), the oud (a short-neck lute), the kanon (a plucked string instrument that lies flat on the lap), the santur (a Persian hammered dulcimer), the tar (an Iranian long-necked waisted lute), the dap (an Iranian frame drum), the saz (an Ottoman long-necked lute), and the tombak (an Iranian goblet drum). Beautiful interpretations of Gurdjieff’s compositions by a Lebanon-born Armenian conductor immersing himself in the folk traditions from which the music sprang. What I love most about this music is the space surrounding the notes and phrases, how comfortable it is with crafting something out of the silence.

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