Russia / USA, 2007, art rock / jazz-rock

АукцЫон (Auktyon), Marc Ribot, John Medeski, Ned Rothenberg, Frank London & Владимир Волков (Vladimir Volkov)Девушки поют: What happens when you travel halfway around the world to play music in NYC? Meet up randomly with other musicians at live houses and concerts and take the opportunity to collaborate. There’s not much time, though, so a lot of what you lay down in the studio isn’t really rehearsed or planned ahead of time. Do each song in only a couple takes, and just let all the musicians improvise and play how they feel on each track. You know—however the mood strikes you. It all sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Maybe it is for expert, veteran musicians such as these guys. Ribot, of course, shines, having just picked up on the songs as they were going.

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