Ireland, 1975, Irish folk

Tríona Ní DhomhnaillTríona: I discovered for myself and fell in love instantly many years ago with a little-known Irish folk album called Skara Brae by a group with the same name. The music is magical, from another time and place, but I never thought to explore further. After all, the band is a one-and-done group. I revisited the album recently and remembered that the band was made up for the most part of siblings. So I decided to check out one album by one of the brothers, and another by the sister. They sound nothing alike, strangely, though I can hear elements of Skara Brae in both their “solo” works. This album splits its time between English and Irish Gaelic, and the tunes have some gripping storytelling, both witty and tragic, depending on the tale. Like with some of the tracks on Skara Brae, the harpsichord takes center stage here. My favorite moments are the long stretches of female vocals without instrument accompaniment.

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