USA, 1981, avant-garde jazz / post-bop

The Lounge LizardsThe Lounge Lizards: Oh good. Another tasty addition to my scanty 80s collection. Anything that sounds “80s” I usually hate: like cheesy synths and voluptuous, big-haired background singers. Another thing about the 80s is how older artists bowed to that shitty 80s sound and tried to stay relevant. But then there are albums like this, not giving a single fuck, not caring that it’s the 80s, and just doing its own wild, eclectic thing. Not trying to be smooth, synthy, or cheesy. The tracks are short, (not) sweet, and clearly more interested in experimenting with sound and rhythm than making something that sounds pleasing to the easy-listening 80s ear. Like trying to walk on a rug someone keeps pulling out from under you. Maybe it’s that NYC punk scene influence?

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