Norway, 2021, Nordic folk / dark folk


I love the arc the Wardruna project has taken, and I’ve been following it since the beginning. First comes the trilogy of mythopoeic albums that are not the record of mythological events but the musical equivalent of the events themselves. Then comes Skald, the recording of a single warrior-poet re-telling a selection of the events from the trilogy. And then comes Kvitravn, where the mythopoeic is stripped away to reveal the voices of the people, of the sailing, marching, plundering horde. This album feels like the warrior-poet has strapped on his armor and girded himself with his broadsword, and his people—male and female—are all around him, responding to his song and joining him in the hunt.

One thought on “

  1. The ravens of Odin lead the people, and we hear the cries of the ravens magnified as the songs of the people, but without losing their divine burden.


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