Slovenia, 1973, contemporary folk / singer-songwriter

Tomaž PengovOdpotovanja

From what I’ve read, this is Slovenia’s first singer/songwriter album. Pengov is playing original songs here, thus putting him in the ranks of artists like Drake and Cohen. And he sounds just as pastoral and introspective as they can. Again, reading up on the scant material I can find regarding lyrics, it seems Pengov deals a lot with themes of travel, not only literally but metaphorically, both physical and inner journeys, perhaps highlighting the bittersweetness of departure and leaving friends behind. The 12-string guitar and lute invite the listener into something warm and mellow. The Slovenian wiki says that Pengov recorded at least part of this album in the toilet in his apartment. Since he was a student at the time, I’m assuming he was doing it to save costs and use a place with decent acoustics, not that he was actually sitting on the crapper singing about girls smiling in the wind.

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