South Africa / UK / Turkey, 1973, free jazz

Dyani Temiz FezaMusic for Xaba, Vol. 1

Though this is not labeled as a live album, keep in mind that this album is a recording of the band’s November 2nd, 1972, concert at Theater 9 in Stockholm. The layered percussion keeps everything loose and easy, and the vocal ejaculations rejoice at this freedom of structure. This is one of those rare treats I find by hanging out with nerds more knowledgeable about music than I, truly a hidden gem. London, Queenstown, and Istanbul all intersect here, and the result is as glorious as you could imagine! The trio formed the band and rehearsed for only a few days before performing this album. The word “fireball” is used in the liner notes, and that words stuck with me while listening. There are creative musical explosions all over this recording, and some sear you because they come upon you unawares. Xaba is God, and God is love. And because of that truth, this trio plays its music.

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