USA, 2006, avant-garde jazz / Jewish music

Rabbinical School DropoutsVehicles Behind Comets

I don’t know if these guys are actually rabbinical school dropouts. I kinda hope they are, because the idea of rabbis-to-be dropping out of school and saying, fuck it let’s make some jazz, is a fun idea. I thought these guys were Israeli, but it turns out they’re American. Are they even Jewish? Dunno. Anyway, the kazoo and the glockenspiel are the first instruments to get the spotlight on this album, so it lets the listener know right away where it’s going and gives you the chance to nope-out early if this isn’t your kind of music. It’s very Jewish, but not the Hallel psalm look up at the sky and spin around until you’re sick Jewish, but rather more of an on tiptoes pretty stalking cat Jewish. Whatever that means. There’s only one track on this album that goes hard, and strangely it’s right in the middle of the tracklist. The album’s end comes suddenly, with a weird, short space-age tune complete with whirring dials.

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