Belgium, 2013, experimental big band

Flat Earth Society13

As Titus Pullo defiantly cries out in the blood-spattered arena, “Thirteen!!” This is Flat Earth Society’s thirteenth album, released in 2013, and containing 13 tracks. And you know what? It sounds like a celebration. To help celebrate, they didn’t just make unexpected left-turn postmodern experimental big band tracks splashed with vocal jazz spoken words bits that are cool as fuck, they also went on a 13-stop tour for this release. Madlads. The only problem I have with this (and it’s just my anal retentiveness) is that there are 15 band members playing, not 13. I feel like this music is Mystery Science Theater 3000 for jazz, the best b-film jazzy meanderings anyone could offer. Very cinematic in overall feel. “Raincheck” is the 11-minute intermission of the album, a recording that is happy being discordant or harmonious, calm or zany. Lucifer as a grizzled, whiskey-soaked accordion player, makes a cameo.

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