South Korea / Japan, 1994, Korean folk

박병천 (Park Byeong-Cheon), 斉藤徹 (Tetsu Saitoh), 이태백 (Lee Tae-Baek), 조공례 (Cho Gongrye), 안숙선 (Ahn Sook-sun), 沢井一恵 (Kazue Sawai), 板橋文夫 (Fumio Itabashi), 이광수 (Lee Kwang-soo), 김석출 (Kim Seok-chul), 김방현 (Kim Bang-hyun) & 박병원 (Park Byung-won)살풀이

A collaboration among Koreans and Japanese, this album is steeped in Korean folk traditions, and it utilizes not only traditional Korean folk instruments such as the janguu and the kkwaenggwari but also Japanese instruments such as the koto. The addition of the ajaeng (a Korean zither played with a bow across its twisted silk strings) makes this recording more appealing to me than a merely percussive/vocal performance. No matter the country of origin, strangely-played stringed instruments in avant settings always get me. I feel like those instruments are the human soul in music form.

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