USA, 2012, art pop / indie pop

Kishi Bashi151a

Aetara dou suru? That’s how Kishi Bashi’s debut album starts. “What’ll happen if we actually meet?” This sets the tone for a beautiful, imaginative, creative, and unique pop album. I’ve never heard anything like Kishi Bashi. I guess the only things that come close are Beirut or of Montreal. Kishi Bashi is pop’s violinist savior. No one plays with his energy and creativity, and the way he uses his foot-pedal loop machine is nothing short of genius. Although this has only very little to do with the actual music, I love the word play of the album title. “One five one a” would be in Japanese pronounced ichi go ichi e, which could also mean 一期一会. This basically means “one chance”, as in, “this moment will never come again”. Kind of like a less enthusiastic carpe diem. I feel like this album is the musical equivalent of tripping with my nemesis out in the desert as he reads stories out of a storybook to me.

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