Canada, 2010, indie rock

Arcade FireThe Suburbs

Something about this album makes me so happy. I loved it the moment I first heard it, and every re-listening experience delights me. Everything feels right about this recording—every groove, every moment of passion, from “Modern Man” to the illimitable and unassailable “Sprawl II”. Is the album over-dramatic? Yes, of course, in spots, but for me that’s part of its charm. Searching for a place in the modern world, a world dominated by the lifelessness, the creative barrenness, of the suburbs. It’s weird… this is kind of a coming-of-age album, but only kinda, as if it’s being sung in retrospective, for the point of view is very much an adult one considering the futility of continued human generation. Ambition has rarely been more captivating than the magic caught on this album.

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