France / Italy, 1999, chamber jazz

Romano, Sclavis, Texier & Le QuerrecSuite africaine

Outside of this talented collective, Texier was the only artist familiar to me, stretching back to his first two albums back in the 1970s. It needs to be stated, however, that though there are four people listed on the album title, only three play instruments. Le Querrec is the photographer, who accompanied the trio on their continued tour of the African continent. Upon returning to Europe, they composed tracks inspired by their journey. Le Querrec gets due credit here because of the photo booklet that was published alongside the album. This is definitely not a record about African music or jazz but rather music inspired by and about three individual Europeans’ brief experience on the African continent. Overall this is an interesting, engaging, and subtle exploration featuring Texier’s wonderful double bass and Sclavis’ wild clarinet.

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