USA, 1995, Christian rock

dc TalkJesus Freak

A fun, high-energy album full of catchy tunes by three earnest, talented dudes. This recording stands out to me because it’s not some generic worship album but rather something that is tackling sensitive issues in the social circles of dc Talk’s listening audience: namely, race relations. They sing of reconciliation, not only on a spiritual level for personal shortcomings but also on a systemic, societal level. The open sincerity of this album astounds me, again as they tackle sensitive topics like the lure of fame and its potentially fatal effect on faith. And then there’s the album’s eponymous centerpiece, the oh-so cool “Jesus Freak” with all the manic energy of an Old Testament prophet. Basically, this album is honest. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns in Jesusland, and He’s not here to make you rich and take away all your problems.

One thought on “

  1. Generally, Christian rock leaves me unmoved, but I am a sucker for declarative statements, and this band makes plenty.


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