Poland, 1993, modern classical / symphony

Wielka Orkiestra Symfoniczna PRiTV w Katowicach / Jerzy Katlewicz / Stefania WoytowiczIII symfonia: Symfonia pieśni żałosnych op. 36 (Henryk Mikołaj Górecki)

Composed in 1976, this recording was made in 1993, featuring a beautiful female soprano voice singing in three movements: a lament of Our Lady of Sorrows, a message written by a prisoner of the Nazis, and a folk lament of a woman for her son killed during the Silesian civil wars. The themes of motherhood, death, and sorrow are readily apparent. It seems that Górecki is quite famous for this work but not any of his others, but based on this recording, his other works are probably worth exploring. I got all this info from Wikipedia, since I knew nothing about this slow-moving, subdued, and beautiful composition.

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