Czechia, 1978, experimental rock / avant-prog

The Plastic People of the UniverseEgon Bondy’s Happy Hearts Club Banned

A groovy atmosphere of mystery permeates this recording. Love the heavy organ work and its interaction with a raunchy sax. This is music wrapped in the velvet walls of the toilet where they’re trying to force out a turd. Love the defiant, raunchy tone of A3. Sounds like a nasty spat. There’s a kind of low-key relentlessness to this music. On several tracks, the whole band is doing the same thing, marching to the same music, rhythm, and beat, and then the fiddle player just hops among them doing his own thing. And then on the next track they let the sax loose to do the same thing, just meander and play. A lot of this music is sure-footed, like a stalking cat.

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