Poland, 2000, choral / modern classical

Szymon KuranRequiem; Post mortem

Now this is scary requiem Mass music. Pretty sure I’d be quite unsettled sitting there if this was the music that accompanied. The dead—both the just and the damned—whisper to me, but they are both equally frightening to me since I am still in the flesh. I lost it at “Confutatis”, as the track demonstrates the eternal silencing of those consigned to flames of woe. Mercy lies at the core of this heartbreaking pathos, and hope returns from beyond the grave with the “Offertorium”. Many times while listening to this I shook my head in disbelief at how equally beautiful and frightening this music is. Kuran masterfully takes my fear, however, and translates it into a vision of merciful light. The final track–I guess the encore of this live performance?–has a much-needed playfulness to it. Still… the weeping, sinister strings are a little frightening.

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