France, 1976, progressive folk, Breton Celtic folk

GwendalA vos désirs

I have quite a few 70s albums (usually rock or folk) that have side A as a collection of short songs, and then side B is one long, epic track. This format always pleases me. Not sure why. Maybe it’s because side A feels like a warm-up, to get you into the show, and then side B is the main attraction? I don’t know. Anyway, on paper, this album looks like the same kind of thing, but it’s not. I like this album fine. Nice, solid Breton Celtic folk tunes with tinges of rock and jazz here and there. But it’s not really following the format outlined above. The “one track” of side B is actually seven different songs, complete with pauses between them, all labeled as one song with seven parts. Whatever. I’m just splitting hairs.

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