USA, 1975, jazz fusion / jazz-funk

Miles DavisAgharta

There are so many thoughts that run through my head when listening to any Miles Davis album. So what about this live album? Basically this is, for the most part, guitar-hero music in the form of jazz. Some of the most serious, extended shredding I’ve ever had the pleasure to hear. This album is so good that at one point the trumpet meows. Wonderful fading in and out of themes, taking its time, like there’s nothing else to do in life but play music… and listen to it. From swampy funkiness to pastoral mountaintop flutes, this performance is an epic journey. Eh. I recommend skipping this one, guys: I doubt you can make it through. Well, there are some wonderful minimal stretches that might give your ears a break. Loosen your collar if you make it to the end, though, because the last track swelters, emanating warmth like pavement in summer after the sun has gone down.

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