UK, 2009, folk pop / indie folk

Mumford & SonsSigh No More

It’s pretty easy to go through life thinking you’ve got things under control, or rather, that you’re in control. Even our language reinforces this idea: “that guy’s really got his feet on the ground”, meaning he’s got his life under control. Feet on the ground. Not realizing that wherever we stand, we’re hanging upside down on this little ball of nickel and iron, spinning and hurtling at speeds we cannot possibly fathom. We’re just too small to understand, too out of control. Well, I guess we can start to understand our helplessness a little bit, but it requires a radical perspective shift. We could start by coming out of our cave walking on our hands. Then we’ll see the world for what it really is. The trees aren’t growing up. They’re growing out. They’re hanging upside down, just like we are, dangling over infinity, completely out of control. Then, maybe then, we can start to understand what dependence is. Maybe then we can grasp the only point of control we actually have in this vast, measureless universe: our own choices.

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