USA, 1978, P-funk / funk rock

FunkadelicOne Nation Under a Groove

The entry fee to this album is your promise. Your promise to both give and surrender to the funk, the whole funk, and nothing but the funk. And that promise leads to unity, and unity leads to your mind being freed. And most likely your ass, too, of course, but we already knew that. We are, after all, in Funkadelic Nation. So reprint the fiat currency. As good as this album is, whenever I hear those raunchy guitar solos, I feel Eddie Hazel’s absence. I’m not really criticizing the album for that… it’s just. Yeah. Hazel is such a presence that he is missed in the music when he’s not part of it. That’s just me, though. The strength of Funkadelic is in its numbers, and Mike Hampton does a fine job here. How you respond to the fact that fried ice cream is a reality is probably a good indicator of how you respond to life on a daily basis. It’s either wonderful or a horror show. By the way, this is the album that has the live version of “Maggot Brain”, so do yourself a favor if you’ve never heard this track. Pour yourself a drink, sit back, turn off your phone and your lights, and be transported.

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