USA, 1974, funk rock / P-funk

FunkadelicStanding on the Verge of Getting It On

What exactly is the state of being known as standing on the verge of getting it on? Sex? Nope. Well, yes, but only coincidentally. It is a state of mind in which one is receptive to the embassage of P-Funk, the soul-freeing consciousness that manifests itself in a kind of music your ears have never heard before—but your soul felt it before you ever knew. And that music—that guitar music—is righteous. Sit and listen, or move and listen. It makes no difference. With each track, you understand more, and maybe, at the end, when you think it cannot get any better, the guitar solo on “Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts” will—like it did to me—slay you and make you actually say out loud, “How the fuck did they do that?”

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