France, 1974, zeuhl / film score

Christian VanderTristan et Iseult

So the story goes that the filmmaker somehow got a hold of some Magma rehearsal tapes and tried to use them as the soundtrack to his film, but when Vander found out, he told the filmmaker he’d not sue if the filmmaker bankrolled the recording of a proper score for the film. The story is a little unclear as to whether they ended up using those rehearsal tapes or Vander recorded it all fresh. Also, if he recorded fresh, was it new material or something based off the rehearsal tapes? The music here isn’t as full-on as a proper Magma recording, but I think for a film score, you need to dial it back anyway, so Vander made the right call in going with a more sparse sound. It’s not sparse, mind you, just sparser than the full alien opera you’d hear on a Magma album.

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