USA, 1967, psychedelic rock

Jefferson AirplaneSurrealistic Pillow

Jefferson Airplane was one of the bands that directed the American musical spotlight to San Francisco, what with their uninhibited, extroverted stage personality. Of course this album contains their smash hit “Somebody to Love”, featuring Grace Slick’s glorious vocals, but the short, powerful “White Rabbit” is the track that most directly connects the listener to the drug experiences of the late 60s. This is an overt reference to Alice in Wonderland, a kind of weird, psychedelic roadmap detailing a world of strange experiences. (I recommend reading the book aloud if you haven’t before.) The lyrics of this song contain only part of the importance, though, since the music itself was inspired by an LSD experience while listening to jazz. The gradual crescendo makes the final line sound like a call to action, exhorting everyone to drop acid at least once.

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