Canada, 1971, singer-songwriter / contemporary folk

Leonard CohenSongs of Love and Hate

Amazing how Cohen can tread a dual path that leads in opposite directions, yet he follows them both simultaneously: one leading to nothing but a scrapbook of women, the other to a place where love calls him by his name. I can’t imagine he didn’t understand the full meaning of love calling someone by his name. This is dangerous music because if you’re alone and have access to alcohol, this could be…unhealthy. The music is so close, so corporeal, and they lyrics are so detailed they’re confessional. No one succeeds at failing at love the way Cohen does. And he’s got a huge crush on Joan of Arc. But why? Because of her bravery, her conviction, her virginity? No, because her heart is a fiery brand. He longs (lusts) for that fire, but he fears getting burned. Unlike the saint, he is not fearless.

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