USA, 1990, avant-garde jazz / jazz-rock

John ZornNaked City

The theme song for a popular show is playing, and some idiot child is standing in front of the TV set dancing and foaming at the mouth. You’re not sure if you’re enjoying the theme song or the child’s antics more. Change the channel! An Italian drama? Car chases and shootouts? No matter. That fucking kid is back spazzing out in front of the TV. Sod it. I’m out for a walk! Oh look. A swinging jazz club. Let’s pop in here and see what’s happening….wtf. That kid is up on the bandstand picking up all the horns and slobbering into them! Maybe we should just give him free rein for a minute, let him get it out of his system. Yeah, that didn’t work. I know: how about a honky tonk. No idiot children allowed in there, right? Wrong. And he brought along his absconded saxophone. Bollocks to all this…it’s back home for some afternoon spaghetti westerns and perhaps a touch of James Bond.

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