Japan, 1976, avant-folk / experimental

芸能山城組 (Geinoh Yamashirogumi)恐山 (Osorezan) / 銅之剣舞 (Dō no Kenbai)

Side A: That scream at the beginning scares the shit out of me every time. Guess it’s supposed to! Fear turns to horror when it sounds like the woman is choking on her own blood. But the disturbing atmosphere quickly evaporates into some mellow jazz-rock that is slowly taken over by the weird, distant female chorus, probably the sisters who live in the hut at the top of the mountain with their oni slaves. This isn’t the kind of music you listen to when dancing around the fire. This is the music that plays when you are thrust into the fire. Side B: A long, experimental chant and spoken-word track based on Balinese dance-drama music. What starts off as a smooth, meditative chant turns into a cacophonous sonic battle.

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