USA, 1969, funk / psychedelic soul

Sly and The Family StoneStand!

“Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks.” This is where it all started. There’s just so much affirmation and positivity all over this album, and even the female vocals chanting on the all-too-short “Everyday People” sound like something they’d sing while skipping rope on the pavement. The dark side of this is that this album stands in the shadow of Sly’s massive cocaine addiction. One thing this album does well is evoke the feeling of the emotions it’s trying to communicate, like how the raunchy electric guitar is the exact sound a sex machine might make, complete with the increased rhythm of the pounding percussion that leads to inevitable orgasm. In the end, this album is bookended with songs meant to uplift the listener. Stand up and try! You can make it.

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