USA, 1974, jazz fusion / avant-garde jazz

Miles DavisBig Fun

It’s like Bitches Brew entered the Zen Room. close up on Tim Curry’s surprised face Squelchy funk from the beginning of “Go Ahead John” and then John goes ahead, scratching the guitar just where it itches. A lot of frenetic left/right speaker shenanigans going on here, almost dizzying. Davis comes in with the lotion and smooths things out, and then the guitar follows his lead, mellow and cool. With “Great Expectations”, the album kicks off as expansive and exploratory, with everyone on the same train driving…somewhere. The horn honks, the whistle blows, and it’s all aboard. Just magic! Driving to sitar land. This epic double album is a quest to find the ends of jazz, but all in a fun way. Hancock, Corea, Shorter, McLaughlin, and DeJohnette are all giant names here that I recognize. I’m sure a jazz aficionado could school me on the other musicians listed here. I love this album because I love music that doesn’t sound like it has an agenda, like it’s rushing to say something. This album really takes its time saying nothing.

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