Poland, 1993, poezja śpiewana

Kaczmarski, Gintrowski, ŁapińskiWojna postu z karnawałem: Upon the release of this collaborative album, Jacek Kaczmarski wrote (and I’m paraphrasing here), “The program of this album consists of songs in which we try to look at how people behave in transient situations, on crisis days, what they do with the freedom of choice when they think they have none…this is also an exploration of the history of Europe, which is full of dramas, tragedies, crimes, and religious and economic wars, which we were once part of and will be part of again.” Whether whispering or growling in their singing, there is an unconquerable manly swagger and grit in this raw, straightforward music, and the vocals are almost always accompanied by forceful, satisfying piano playing.

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