Japan, 2004, avant-prog / zeuhl

Pochakaite MalkoLaya: The violin pretty much guides the course of this album, with a strong focus on the instrument at the beginning, supported only by percussion and the bass guitar–but the violin is where the fire is. The female vocals are very Japanese in feel, despite it being zeuhl. By the way, regarding the second track, did you know that the Japanese hang their death row inmates on Christmas morning? This should be their last-request song. ハレルヤ really does feel like a twirling celebration, and if they ever make Fantasia 3, they better include this. Maybe Tarou’s last request can be a trip to Tokyo Disneyland before he’s hanged. Anyway, a lot of Japanese joy infects these tracks, but I’d expect nothing less. This album explores a lot of moods, though, even ones that sound like they belong on a suspense film score.

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