UK, 1970, pop rock

The BeatlesLet It Be: The intent of this album was to forsake the studio trickery of Sgt Pepper’s and create a live show feeling, a kind of return to the stage, but the sad reality is that the band lacked decent material amid the worsening relationships and inevitable breakup. The “Get Back” sessions was McCartney’s idea, as he wanted the band to work together properly again. He had this kind of boundless enthusiasm (poor guy), coming up with many new songs.

The bad atmosphere of Twickenham studios, however, mitigated against any positivity Paul could bring. It was too cold, they met too early in the morning, and Lennon was distracted by both Yoko and heroin. John had written very little new material, so Paul helped him arrange some of his song fragments. But John didn’t care. He was sarcastic the whole time and eventually lapsed into comatose boredom.

And what about poor George? Lennon rejected his new material, and McCartney interfered too much. Harrison desperately wanted to go solo–and almost did!–having walked out of the sessions for a week. He came back only when they decided to bring in a guest, Billy Preston. You know how a family that always fights behaves itself when guests come over? Well, that’s how the Beatles behaved when Preston came in to play the organ.

So, how to end the “Get Back” sessions? How about a rooftop concert, since the TV live show was canceled? As we all know, the concert, which featured songs from this album, was shut down by the cops. (Cops suck in every galaxy.)

This album is, to be honest, quite derivative of the late-60s trend to have a back-to-basics stripped-down rock sound. This is both a fond farewell to the 60s and a requiem for the Beatles. “Let It Be”: the epitaph of the Beatles’ tombstone.

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