USA, 1978, minimalism

Harold BuddThe Pavilion of Dreams: Track 1: I’ve been getting into minimalism more recently, as long as it’s not repetitive (yeah that’s right, I’m looking at you, Terry Riley). This isn’t. The warm, jazzy opening instantly soothes, like raindrops falling all around but miraculously none of them hitting me. Just there to be enjoyed. Observed. Track 2: The wordless female vocals of the next track came as quite a surprise. Not at all what I’d have expected on a “minimalist” album, but a welcome treat all the same. Quite a magical moment with the understated plucking of the harp. This could be a psalm. Track 3: The vibrato of the vocals level out into something more harmonically steady and constant, perhaps to evoke a feeling of effortless and swift flight. Surrounded by clouds, moments wherein the veil of vapor is broken, only to coalesce once again in such soft tones. Track 4: Juno, the Mother Goddess, protector of hearth and home. More beautiful even than Venus if she but takes the time to put forth all her charms. Even Jupiter’s myriad of lovers cannot compare. War ceases for Juno, strife lays down its arms at the sighing of her breath.

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