USA, 1999, neo-psychedelia / psychedelic pop

The Flaming LipsThe Soft Bulletin: This is some kind of weird [i]unidentified weapon[/i] album, the warm and magical musical hinting at the development (discovery?) of the Softest Bullet, the strange “prize” everyone had been racing for, its element so heavy that a spoonful weighs a ton. This whole album glows with radioactivity, some of it being from the laboratory, some from comic book spiders, and a lot more of it from outer space, where our supermen come from. How long have our heads been bleeding and we’ve not realized it? How is it that we are all glowing with this…substance? This wonderful album explores the intersection of the material and the immaterial, the chemical and the emotional, helping us understand that we are ineffable, hybrid beings, a mix of the physical and the spiritual. And it’s okay to be so.

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