UK, 1978, Scottish folk

Silly WizardCaledonia’s Hardy Sons: This is jolly peasant music, not jolly, peasant music. It starts off with a folksy bang, like we’re going to go have a dance down the pub or on the village green. Their Child ballad renditions are pretty much a staple for all British Isles folk, what with their obsession with the common and equally strong themes of love and death. It’s interesting how prominently the flute figures into traditional folk music regardless of region, though how the instrument is employed varies. The flutes are more melodic and less tribal in feel here. I enjoy how this album, at its end, dips into a rather introspective accordion and fiddle track, a perfect end when you’re worn out from dancing, crying, or both.

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  1. There is nothing more beautiful than Celtic folk music, whether it be Scottish, Irish, or Welsh. This one lures you out to dance, runs off with your heart while you are jigging, and you never get your heart back again.

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