UK, 1968, rock / roots rock

The Rolling StonesBeggars Banquet: This album is a wonderful kind of bait and switch, starting off with something quite philosophical but then veering into blues songs about traveling and heartbreak. The slide guitar swirls around the vocals like a dance, enough to distract anyone from his jigsaw puzzle. And don’t worry about being so far from home—it ain’t no crime. Just make sure you don’t let your mama know what you’ve learned how to do. For all the swagger of these songs, however, there’s an underlying theme of a desire to return home, a longing for peace and quiet.

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    1. Roots rock is Rock music that consciously and predominantly incorporates elements of its musical predecessors and original (especially American) roots such as Country, Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll and American Folk Music, but also may include other American traditions such as the latin-tinged Tex-Mex or Cajun Music. It is closely related to other roots-influenced genres such as Country Rock, Southern Rock and the blues-laden Swamp Rock. As an approach blending different traditionally American music idioms with rock music, roots rock also has large overlaps with genres like Alt-Country and Americana.


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