UK, 1970, hard rock / folk rock

Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin III: After you invade uncharted lands and slaughter nearly everyone, after the songs of praise to Valhalla, after you drink to the deaths of your friends in battle–then you need to start working on your politics. If you’re ever going to rule the natives, you need to treat them as your friends. I mean, they’re pretty “blue” because your murdered all their friends and families. The least you can do is trade a smile with them. Once things settle down, you can all have a song and dance as you celebrate the new way of things in the promised land. Aaand then the album goes off the rails, taking an equally enjoyable track. Things suddenly turn sexual, even though they’re not supposed to be. Oh yeah, sing it! You know how hot I get about you working overtime. You know how turned on I get watching you hang people.

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  1. An album of unbridled passion, both in the battle and in all the rest. Always a rollicking good time, even when everyone is dying around you. Glorious.

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