Austria / Germany, 1975, orchestral / romanticism

Berliner Philharmoniker / Herbert von KarajanVerklärte Nacht (Schoenberg): What does it mean to be transfigured by love, to become a thing of beauty, to be elevated above your normal state of being? Ponder the miracle as you watch your lover’s breast rise and fall, when the winds have died down and all is right with the world. At least for one night. (Or perhaps we can take a more literal approach to the creation of this music… This piece’s five sections mirror the five stanzas of the poem on which it is based. “Transfigured Night” is about a woman confessing to her lover of her infidelity and how the child of another man grows in her womb. This takes place in a forest setting on a moonlit night. The five short movements of this music are an early example of something called “program music”, an attempt to re-create a narrative through musical means.)

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