USA, 2014, art pop / indie pop / psychedelic pop

Kishi BashiLighght: Have you ever had a perfect day where even the mundane fills you with wonder, like when the sun gives you the stars? Evening comes every day, but its regular occurrence doesn’t make it any less wonderful. And as if your heart could not be filled with any more joy, the stars come down to you and float around you as you whirl through a field of fireflies. Hotaru, hotaru, futari no yume wo mireru. Mireru? Mireta? This album oscillates between reality and fantasy with such clarity that it is nothing short of exhilarating. It is my go-to psychedelic album, an effortless painting of one perfect day, where dreams become–for a time–reality. Just listen carefully right at the end: that’s heavy, even breathing you hear. Yes, you’ve been asleep this whole time. One perfect night.

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